Tasty Drop

This is a simple online game about making tasty drops. You assume the role of a ninja who is trying to make as many tasty drops as possible on your way to become the best ninja in the world. To do this, you will need to: - Avoid obstacles and traps placed by other players - Use variety of different weapons and items to drop your food into the matching basket - Try not to get eaten by the various creatures that are waiting for you In this game there are various levels so you can improve your skills and become a better ninja. 

This is a collection of some of my favorite HTML5 games. Most of these games don’t require much in the way of graphics, so they can be played with a mouse and keyboard. Most of these games are written in JavaScript but you can also play them in HTML5 or CSS3 if you prefer. If you like retro video game style then check out Tasty Drop. It’s a simple arcade game where you have to land your payload into the tasty drop zone.

How to play Tasty Drop

Using Mouse

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