The Smurfs Skate Rush

Azrael, his orange cat, is pursuing the Smurfs as the Smurfs Skate Rush attacks the Smurf village. They are left with no choice except to take a skateboard and flee the cat as far and as quickly as they can. Locate the magical doorway to the following level. You and your skateboarding Smurfs will encounter a variety of challenges during the process. Avoid obstacles like crates or Smurfs in tiny automobiles as they approach you or jump onto high places. You can gather berries on the way out that you may use to upgrade your skateboard later. Other Smurf riders like Papa Smurf, Hefty, or Smurfette can also be unlocked over time. Take advantage of the opportunity to do tasks for which you will receive rewards like berries.

How to play The Smurfs Skate Rush

Using Mouse

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