Water Sort Puzzle

  Water Sort Puzzle is a fun game with colorful tubes of liquid. This error of playing puzzles by arrangement has conquered many ages and players. The challenges given will really mess up your brain. Your task is to sort the different colored water in the glass until each glass contains only one colored water. This is a challenging but very relaxing game that gives you brain training every day.


  The colored solutions in the glasses do not mix and each time you pour only one colored water into another test tube with the same colored water. The control is very simple, you just need to select the glass you want to pour, then touch the glass you want to pour into. However, save a few rules as you can only transfer to another tube when they have the same color as the top solution. Levels of increasing difficulty. Initially, you only need to sort the water in a few glasses, the watercolors are not too many. However, later on, the number of cups will increase, watercolor is also added, forcing the player to think logically to complete the level.

Features of the game:
- One-handed control.
- Many unique levels.
- The game is free and easy to play.
- There is no penalty or time limit. You can enjoy the Water Sort Puzzle game at your own pace.

How to play Water Sort Puzzle

Click or tap to play.

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